Video Measuring Microscopes – Portable

Portable Video Microscopes

Our Cellcheck range of Portable Video Microscopes are ideal for inspecting and measuring reflecting surfaces that are too large to fit under a metallurgic microscope. Thanks to the coaxial light transmission there are no undesired reflections which could result in incorrect interpretations and incorrect measurements.

In combination with the Metric measuring software or with the MeshCheck image processing software for automatic measurement of metal, textiles and many other materials.

Typical uses:
  • Electronics industry: measurements of drill hole diameters, line widths, offsets. Quality of the walls of drillholes, centricity of drillhole and solderpad.
  • Printing industry: offset printing plates, prints of every type, rubber print rollers, checking templates for screen printing, holograms, security prints.
  • Timber and plastic industries: quality of veneered or laminated surfaces.
  • Metal-working industry: embossing rollers,small drills or indexable inserts.
  • Glass: print control on glass panes for the automotive industry.
These are just a few examples. Visit PeplerOptics for more details.